About Me

I may not be the most typical food blogger, being that I am in College. Yes, College kid. No more like young adult. Really I have grown very independent, and unlike most college kids, I actually don’t have a meal plan. I only had one the first half of my freshman year. This is because I have really high expectations of what food should be, specifically regarding the quality and care that goes into making the food. I personally believe that food without love and care will never taste as good, it won’t even measure up. This is because food takes patience, it takes time, and it takes passion to do it right. If you go into cooking or baking with a warm heart and positive attitude you can create masterpieces. EVERYONE CAN COOK! You just need a good attitude and love in the kitchen, I promise that it is the secret to great food.

On a more factual note, I am a Cell and Molecular Biology student, currently completing my undergraduate degree. I know, that is an intimidating major, but its not as pretentious as it sounds, its just a specific passion filled major. Along with this I am minoring in writing. I know, trust me, they don’t sound like they go together but I genuinely love writing, and expressing thoughts effectively on paper helps you in every aspect of life! Especially writing scientific papers.

To wrap up, I would like to welcome you to learn more about me and my adventures under the blog section of my website. These posts will give you a better look at me and my life. As well as food finds! I’m full of many surprises, so I hope you enjoy me, my recipes, and my Blog. ┬áThank you again for your time!