Basic Breadcrumbs (with GF modification)


I personally use store-bought Italian breadcrumbs on so many occasions, but I have become more conscious of what I am eating. I want to minimize my waste but also know what ingredients go in my food. It personally makes me feel better when my food is more homemade and less processed! Not that there is ever anything wrong with using store bought pre-made products when needed. Still I think that if I have extra time, and trust me this recipe takes 10 minutes tops with no knife skills, why not? I know that when cooking for one I often have leftover white bread, like sliced loaf bread from the grocery store, all the time and it is so easy to waste it and just toss it out. Even when I am home my family of four runs into this problem.  Especially because my father is Gluten Free, because of this I have noted an easy swap to make this recipe -! So here it goes. Also keep in mind that this is a very playful adjustable recipe and you don’t have to be super precise.


  1. 6 slices of white bread or any bread you have on hand! (if GF just use about 2 cups of rice cereal)
  2. A hand full of parsley leaves (if you don’t have fresh then add in about 1 and a half tablespoons of dry parsley)
  3.  4 leaves of fresh basil (use about a teaspoon of dry basil if you don’t have fresh)
  4. 2 largeish cloves of garlic
  5. 1 teaspoon of pepper
  6. 2 pinches of dry rosemary (or fresh if you have it!)
  7. Salt to taste (this should be adjusted)

Note! Possible add-ins: Parmesan cheese, crushed red pepper flakes, toasted pine nuts. The list could go on! So be adventurous and customize this blank canvas!!!


  1. Food processor (if you don’t have one, chop the herbs and garlic finely and then place the bread in a large Ziploc bag)
  2. Baking sheet


  1. Toasting the bread: rip the bread slices into manageable chunks that will fit into your food processor, then evenly spread it out onto your sheet tray. Preheat your oven to about 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Let the bread toast and get golden, then turn the oven off and let the bread dry out. The longer you let it dry the better, but if you are pressed for time its okay to continue! (if you choose to make it GF no toasting is necessary)
  2. Peal the two cloves of garlic, place them in the food processor, place all the fresh herbs and spices into the food processor (no chopping necessary), then top it off with the dry toasted bread. Also add a modest about of salt it will be about half a tablespoon At Most!
  3.   Pulverize everything together! I like mine to be sandy with a few bigger (pebble sized) chunks in it. This is because I like breadcrumbs to add textures to my dishes and hold up! but that is a personal preference. My biggest suggestion is to do what makes you happy and fix things to your liking! (Example of what it should look like, used a ninja food processor for this!)                           f610f677-154a-4059-82f6-374768e7a60a
  4. That is it! So simple, and quick! The flavor also makes whatever little effort put in totally worth it, not to mention an added impressive factor to your recipes!

I hope that this helps you create lovely dishes and crisp toppings! Also just a reminder that they should be stored in a container that is able to keep them dry.


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