Hello, Its Nice to Meet You!

Sorry for the awkward title, but since it is my first life based blog post and I’m introducing myself to any readers for the first time I felt it fit! So hello, my name is Melina! You can read some basic information about me under my about tab, if you’d like to get some background on where I am currently at in my life! I didn’t post anything very in depth under that page, because I am hoping to grow relationships with my readers through this page on my blog (specifically the experience category in the category drop down bar). This section of my website will be more conversational. This is because I plan on writing reviews on restaurants/coffee shops (You will eventually see how much I love getting coffee) that I go to. Note most of them will be in the mitten state (MI), I don’t mean to be exclusive. As well as those type of posts I will also try to post food related outings, like picnics which I deeply love. Most of the things I do in my life are food related in some way, so there will probably be many exciting and interesting posts that end up here! I also possibly may do general Q and A  or tutorial posts, assuming this takes off and there is interest in my webpage! To make it easier to find my posts I have a Category drop down bar. I will eventually have posts in 4 categories: Experiences, Baked Goods, Pastry, and Savory Foods. Theses are summarized near the bottom of my home page! (sorry for being a bit all over the place!)

I cannot wait to share my passion and love for food, I am hoping that I can inspire others to embark on their own unique food journey! Since I am just beginning to blog the format of my site may be subject to change. So with this brief introduction I welcome you to Secondhand baking. Before I close this post I would also like to take a moment to explain the name of my webpage, It was originally inspired by a band  that sprouted my love for alternative music called secondhand serenade. The name for me has become much more than this, because my style of cooking involves changing family and classic recipes, making them my own and unique, reinventing them and hopefully changing the way they are thought about.


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